Weed Mower Rental

Weed Mower Billy Goat
Weed Mower Rental

At A and J we carry the Billy Goat brand of weed mowers.
They cut both knee high weeds and grass providing a finish cut quality
High torque blade
16” easy-roll high rear wheels
3-Speed Tuff Torq™ transmission with differential
Operator-friendly controls

When the time comes to cut down knee-high weeds to create larger recreation areas, Billy Goat is prepared to make that task easier. The company’s high weed mower uses unique blades and an innovative design to effectively cut down taller grass without choking, clogging, or suffering from engine problems.
High weed mowers tend to deal with more challenging terrain and more challenging grasses. This means that they must be equipped with better engines, different wheels, and new materials that help operators get the job done with minimal fatigue. For these reasons, the Billy Goat high weed mower comes with a few unique features that makes chopping down high weeds significantly easier:
– Larger Rear Wheels
– Large, High Torque Blade
– Tuff Torq Transmission
– Fast Cutting Speed