Durable Electric Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi pump model number HS2.4S


We have 2 new Tsurumi pumps model HS2.4S.  that are durable electric sump/trash pumps. They are 1/2HP & have a 2-inch discharge. They are classified as a trash pump that can handle sand, and solids up to a ¼” they can run on a 100’ 16 gauge extension cord and can pump a 39’ vertical lift. The bottom of the pump is made of rubber, so people that want to pump their swimming pools out won’t damage the bottom of their pools with a standard metal bottom pump and they have minimal clogging issues.  These are also good for draining flooded basements or even removing water from a pond. We are starting to rent these as a good alternative to the heavy gas engine driven, multiple hose trash pump.  Here are their features:

  • Built-in shaft mounted agitator suspends solids.
  • Urethane Semi Vortex Impeller for maximum durability and pump performance.
  • Dual inside mechanical seal with SiC faces for longer life.
  • Oil Lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces. (Patented)
  • V-Ring Seal design protects mechanical seal from abrasive particles.