PJ and Superior brand Tilt Trailers for rent

We carry the PJ and Superior brand of tilt trailers. PJ is the top professional grade trailer manufacturer in the USA.  PJ has all of the top performance features built into their trailers.  All of the trailers they manufacture are built to last.

Hydraulic Cushioned Gravity Tilt: Our gravity tilts use a hydraulic cylinder, reservoir, and proportioning valve to control the rate the trailer tilts.

Low Deck Height and Load Angle: We use a combination of torsion axles and frame design to keep our deck heights as low as possible. With lower deck heights we achieve lower load angles, allowing a wider variety of equipment to be loaded.

Better by Design: Great materials, components, and build quality are irrelevant if the trailer is poorly designed.  That’s why we use your feedback to build the best trailer on the market.

Current tilt deck trailers for rent:

Tilt Deck Gooseneck Trailer

PJ Trailer 6 ½ by 12 tilt deck:  This trailer can be used for hauling UTV Razors, or a UTV side by side. It is also good for all sorts of construction equipment. It has a capacity of 4500 pounds.

Superior trailer 5 by 10 great for construction equipment It has weight capacity of 3000 pounds.

Give us a call and let us know what type of tilt trailer you are looking for.  Our trailers are clean and we inspect them to make sure you will not have any issues when you rent them.   When you rent equipment from us you can rent the trailer for the day to take the equipment to your site and return the trailer until you need to bring the equipment back.

If you need a tilt trailer rental company in Denver, give A and J Time Rentals a call.