Propane and Kerosene

We can fill any legal propane tank that you can bring us.

  • Great pricing
  • Rv’s with fixed tanks charged by the gallon
  • All other cylinders are by the pound
  • New valves for propane tanks
  • Tank Requalifications
  • Used tanks for sale or rent
  • Safe and qualified staff
  • Companies that do propane exchange typically do not fill them all the way up so you end up overpaying and your tank runs out sooner


Kerosene is not as widely available as it once was in the US, but we have Kerosene and propane here at A and J Time Rentals.  We sell Kerosene in bulk so bring in your container and we will fill it.

The Amish still use kerosene for their lighting at night.  In addition to lighting, kerosene is used for heating and cooking, fire-breathing, and cleaning gunk from motorcycle and bicycle chains!

  • There are some advantages to storing kerosene over other fuels. For one thing, kerosene does not have explosive vapors, so it is much safer to store than the other fuels.  Kerosene is also inexpensive.  Unlike gasoline, it does not need to be treated with a fuel stabilizer.
  • Some of the drawbacks: of kerosene: when kerosene burns it is smoky and has a strong odor.  Kerosene requires priming, and you’ll need to buy wicks.  If you store kerosene for long periods of time water will accumulate in the fuel and you’ll need to filter it out.
  • If you decide to store kerosene, you need to know that it must be stored in blue containers, so that it not mistaken for gasoline.  You can get 5 gallon containers at places like hardware stores.  Make sure to keep it in a tightly-sealed container, out of sunlight, and keep it away from big temperature swings.

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