Car Hauler Trailer Rental

A and J Time Rentals is now renting this car or truck hauling trailer.  It is  a new 7×20 car hauler trailer made by PJ Trailers model B6202.  We call it a 7×20 monster because the ramp system is called monster ramps by PJ Trailers. People who haul trucks or jeeps with oversized tires rent these. The fender are a 4000 pound  rated drive over fender and the ramps go the full width of the trailer. A lot of jeep guys that go to Moab rent these and love them.  They can haul their “rock crawlers” or “buggys” with ease. They have a payload of 10,000 pounds.

If you are looking to rent a car or truck hauler trailer give A and J Time Rentals  a call to reserve


Car Hauler 7x20 Monster